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Resume's and Interviews Just Don't Cut It Anymore!

This Website provides invaluable data for hiring the right person everytime!

Why Do You Need A Credentials Portfolio™?

How Are Credentials Portfolios's™ provided to Employers?



Vastness of the City

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Really, Think About It……….

If You Found A Person (whether they had a degree or not) That Can Provide Spectacular Results,

Would You Hire Them In An Instant?!

Many times those individuals are there today although it is almost impossible to find those individuals without going through a lot of hires in the process.

We need to look at what a person can do (not just there schooling).

We need to Look at:

  • Skills They Provide
  • Complexity of the tasks they have previously performed - Notifies us of their abilities to handles complex tasks like yours
  • Level of Trust From Previous Management & peers (should we trust them if they did?)
  • The professionalism in:
    1. How they work as a team member or leader
    2. What they provide on the job everyday
    3. Quality of their deliverables

Items a resume' and interview could never really disclose. Yes you hear and see in writing (on their resume') but have never seen their work.

This information is called in the workforce,“Transferable Skills”!

A Credentials Portfolio provides that type of information.

You May Ask,

“What is a Credentials Portfolio™ (CP)?

(click above for info)


We provide Credentials Portfolios™ for job applicants (and employers if requested) and

Online Assessments (of possible hiring job applicants) for employers to provide them more in-depth insight into that job applicant personality, work ethics, trust and psyche.

Both these items combined will better ensure an organization of PLACING the right person for the job saving you both time and money by not hiring the wrong person/s!

For more information on the CP and Assessment , contact : .


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Goal -

Industry must take advantage of the new tools available to them today. We take advantage of the Internet to provide you a quicker response in your hiring process. We assist you:

  • The employer - To select the right person for the job using CPs and Assessments
  • Job Applicants - Develop CPs to submit with their resume's

Our company is in the process of changing the way the right people are selected for the job! Resume's and Interviews are great (some of the time) but does not provide the added information to find the right person for the job. As it stands today, it is still a "Hit and Miss" selection process. The CP and assessments provide even more information for the employer to make a more informative decision to DEFINITELY increase your ROI. We will help you make the move to hiring more cost-effective and beneficial for your company/org.


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